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Columbia Gas of Pennsylvania presents $5,000 for Wildlife for Everyone Foundation’s Seedlings for Schools Program

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Donation allows schools in Centre County and throughout Pennsylvania to request seedlings and educational packets at no cost; teaches importance of wildlife care, development and growth

Columbia Gas of Pennsylvania is partnering with non-profit Wildlife for Everyone Endowment Foundation to provide tree seedlings, upon request, to Pre K – 12 grades throughout Pennsylvania in 2018. Columbia Gas employees presented a $5,000 NiSource Charitable Foundation Grant to Wildlife for Everyone for their Seedlings for Schools Program today at Wonderland Charter School in Ferguson Township, Centre County, PA.

The Seedlings for Schools Program, administered by the Pennsylvania Game Commission with funding from the Wildlife for Everyone Foundation, is an educational program for hands-on learning and increased understanding of the importance of wildlife care, development and growth.

“Any teacher can request seedlings and educational packets at no cost from the Pennsylvania Game Commission through the Seedlings for Students Program,” said Jerry Regan, Wildlife for Everyone Foundation President. “Next Spring, enough seedlings will be sent for each student to plant a tree at home, school or in their community.”

“Centre County students and schools will benefit with the awarding of this grant to assist the Seedlings for Schools Program,” State Senator Jake Corman said. “Teachers will be able to apply for the program in the Spring of 2018 to obtain educational materials and seedlings to teach our kids about the importance of trees and the many benefits they provide for the environment.”

“Trees provide us with shade in the summer, shield us from cold winds in the winter; they clean the air we breathe and the water we drink,” said Ferguson Township Arborist Lance King. “By simply giving a seedling a place to grow, a little sun and a little water it will pay us back over several lifetimes. Planting a tree is one of the single best investments we can make.”

Information on the Seedlings for Students Program can be found on the Pennsylvania Game Commission’s website. Planting instructions come with the seedlings and can also be accessed through the website. Curriculum materials and student activity sheets are also available online to assist teachers with lesson plans informing students about the impact of trees on wildlife habitat.

“Columbia Gas of Pennsylvania is committed to environmental stewardship,” said Sarah Perry, Columbia Gas of Pennsylvania Community Engagement Manager. “We are humbled to support community organizations like Wildlife for Everyone that help protect, conserve and celebrate the environment.”

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