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What is therm billing?

Therm billing is designed to provide you with a more accurate bill that allows us to bill you for the quantity of energy consumed, rather than the volume of natural gas consumed. This billing method is consistent with the way natural gas is bought and sold in the wholesale marketplace.

Adjusting your bill based on weather

The Weather Normalization Adjustment (WNA) is a method of billing based on “normal” weather approved by the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission. Today, we utilize 20-year average temperature information provided by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) to define normal weather and the Degree Days Deficiencies method to determine heating requirements. This recognized standard enables Columbia to remove the effects of abnormal weather on the delivery portion of your bill during the heating season (November through May).

How does it work?

The delivery charge usage is adjusted to reflect “normal” weather rather than actual weather. So, if the weather is colder than normal, the WNA is a credit that reduces the amount of the delivery charge. If it’s warmer than normal, the WNA is a debit that increases the amount of delivery charge. Over time, your bill should total the same as it would without applying the WNA, which simply provides a more even method of collecting delivery costs.

What is the value of therm billing?

Therm billing matches the way natural gas is bought and sold in the wholesale marketplace, so we bill you for the heating value of the product. You’re billed based on the heat value instead of just volume of gas used. We take natural gas into our system from various sources, and customers could have received more energy than others using the same amount of gas because the heat value of the gas received was higher.

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