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Columbia Gas of Pennsylvania Alerts Customers to Be Aware of Individuals Posing as Utility Employees

Monday, March 27, 2017

Columbia Gas of Pennsylvania is reminding residents to be aware of individuals posing as utility employees. These imposters may use a variety of tactics in an attempt to gain entry into unsuspecting customers’ homes, such as calling customers and claiming that they need to check their gas meters.

There are occasions when Columbia Gas employees may need to enter a customer’s home. These instances are almost always requested by the customer or arranged by the company in advance. Company employees and contractors always carry photo identification, and it is perfectly acceptable and expected that customers will request to see photo identification or call the company to verify. Columbia Gas also offers the following suggestions:

  • Ask for photo identification before allowing anyone into your home. All Columbia Gas employees and contractors carry photo ID which clearly identifies them as a Columbia Gas employee or contractor.
  • If you are not sure about an employee’s identification, call Columbia Gas at 1-888-460-4332.
  • Do not allow entry into your home to people who claim to offer a Columbia Gas refund or program enrollment. All account transactions are handled and verified over the phone and through the mail.
  • Report suspicious activity to 911.

Columbia Gas employees and contractors are trained to ensure that company identification is visible to all customers, when possible to park company vehicles in plain view of the customer and to remain patient if customers are initially suspicious. Most Columbia Gas employees and contractors drive clearly marked vehicles that are easy to identify. Columbia Gas employees do not accept any form of payment at the customers’ home. All payments must be made via mail, telephone or online at

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