Contractors and Plumbers

Contractors and Plumbers

Plumber Qualifications, Manuals and Materials

Operator Qualifications

On May 15, 2005 Columbia Gas of Pennsylvania, Inc. a subsidiary of NiSource Inc. began on-site verification of Operator Qualification and Drug and Alcohol Plans. Gas service will be (re)established only if the Columbia Gas technician can validate the plumber performing the work on DOT jurisdictional facilities is an operator qualified and that the plumbing company participates in an approved drug and alcohol plan. This information will help ensure you can perform work on jurisdictional facilities for Columbia Gas of Pennsylvania.

* This is a PDF document and may be printed (plumber information can be typed in each field before printing) for your convenience. Properly completed cards, including signature, must be left on the job site for the Columbia Gas technician if Operator Qualification documentation is required. Please note that while these cards can be printed, they cannot be saved.

Pipeline Installation Standards Guide

The Plumbers' Guide is intended as a guide for installation of customer-owned service lines and meter settings. This is only a guide and may not include all applicable codes, regulations, policies and procedures or revisions.

Approved Materials Manual

The Approved Materials Manual is the listing of approved materials for customer service lines and supplements The Plumbers' Guide for all Columbia Gas distribution companies.