Columbia Gas Safety School

Columbia Gas Safety School

Giving Back

Columbia Gas of Pennsylvania is committed to helping support those local first responders with monetary and material resources, as well as natural gas safety information, that help to keep our communities and customers safe.

Columbia Gas Safety School 

Columbia Gas of Pennsylvania is committed to educating local volunteer fire departments on how to safely respond to natural gas incidents. The two-hour classroom session includes a natural gas incident question-and-answer competition, a natural gas incident response safety video and concludes with discussions around natural gas facilities in the first responders' specific communities.

The outdoor training provides each firefighter with an opportunity to extinguish four types of natural gas fire incidents.

1. Surface Fire Simulates an area that caught on fire due to gas migrating to the surface.
Surface Fire

2. Stack Fire Simulates a well fire.
Stack Fire

3. Flange Fire Simulates an above-ground regulator station or meter setting fire.
Flange Fire

4. Pit Fire Simulates a fire in an excavation pit.
Pit Fire

Interested in Participating?

Columbia Gas Safety School training consists of four sessions each year, typically one training per service territory.

2017 Columbia Gas Safety School training dates have not been announced at this time, but if your department is interested in attending in the future, please contact Roberta Kress LaPlace at 724-416-6354 or Additionally, you can email Communications, or mail a written request to: Contributions Coordinator, Columbia Gas of Pennsylvania, 121 Champion Way, Suite 100, Canonsburg, PA 15317.