Energy Efficiency Video

Energy Efficiency Video

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No other cooking system available offers the control, convenience and savings of natural gas. With today's pilotless ignition, gas ranges use up to 30 percent less energy than older models.

With natural gas cooking and grilling, a turn of the dial provides an instant flame and instant heat. The dial also allows precise control of the height of the flame for proper sauteing, simmering and boiling. New natural gas ranges use electronic burners and oven rather than having a constantly burning pilot light. By sealing the top surface of the range, the cooking surface is easier to clean.

Why Natural Gas Grills are Better:

  • Cost Efficient. Grilling with natural gas costs only about 17 cents per hour, and there's a natural gas grill to fit any budget.
  • Clean. Natural gas burns cleaner; they're better for the environment than charcoal, and when you are done, there's are no ash or charcoal to clean up.
  • Safe. Since your gas grill can be turned on and shut off at the turn of a switch, there's no dangerous lighter fluid to handle or long-burning embers to extinguish.
  • Flexible. Permanent or portable installation in the yard or patio, or equipped with a quick-connect fitting and hose - natural gas is easier for you to store.
  • Quick. A constant fuel supply means you can forget about lengthy preparation or warm-up and heavy propane tanks to lift or refill.
  • Easy to Control. A natural gas flame is controllable to just the right heat setting.
  • Multiple Options. As versatile as an indoor range, special features include multi-level cooking surfaces, side burners, rotisseries, smokers and special accessories handy to barbecue, bake, braise, fry, roast, steam and stew.

There's nothing like the mouth-watering flavor of food freshly cooked over the even heat of an open, natural gas flame. And unlike other grills, a gas grill is ready to deliver great taste...any time, any day, any season.

Watch this informative video to learn more about cooking and grilling with natural gas.