Pipeline Safety

Pipeline Safety

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Natural Gas Lines

Natural gas is transported from production wells through large underground pipelines called transmission lines to regulating stations, usually near city limits. The gas then travels within cities and towns through main lines. From the main lines, natural gas is carried to your home or business through service lines, which stop at the gas meter.

In western Pennsylvania and in some portions of the York area, Columbia Gas of Pennsylvania owns and maintains the main supply lines to a service valve, called the “curb box,” which is typically located at the street. In these areas, the property owner is responsible for repairing or replacing all service lines and house lines beyond the curb box, including any that extend beyond the meter to the appliances in your home or business. Any necessary repair or replacement of customer owned piping must be completed by a qualified professional such as a licensed heating/cooling contractor or plumber.

In some areas of eastern Pennsylvania, Columbia Gas owns the lines up to the meter. Columbia Gas routinely conducts inspections of all pipelines up to the meter, repairing and replacing lines and meters if needed. It’s the responsibility of the property owner to have the necessary repairs made to the customer owned piping by a qualified professional, such as a licensed heating/cooling contractor or plumber.

If there is buried pipe between the meter and your appliances, as the property owner you are responsible to maintain it. You should be aware that metallic buried pipe is subject to corrosion and leakage over time, and should be inspected periodically. If a natural gas leak occurs, it might be necessary to interrupt your service temporarily until repairs are made. Once the necessary repair work has been completed, the qualified professional who performed the work can restore natural gas service.

In some circumstances, we are also required to test house lines and inspect gas appliances. If our inspection detects leakage in any portion of your house lines, we will need to interrupt your service until it is repaired. If there is a problem with any of your appliances, we might have to red tag the appliance to indicate the problem and interrupt your service until you've had it repaired.

Only Columbia Gas or a qualified heating/cooling contractor or plumber should perform any inspection, installation, repair or replacement of house lines or appliances.  For more information about contractor and plumber qualifications, click here.