Infrastructure Upgrade

Infrastructure Upgrade

Pipeline Infrastructure Upgrade Projects

Columbia Gas of Pennsylvania continues to invest across its service territory to upgrade older pipelines and regulator stations to continue the reliable and safe distribution of natural gas energy to more than 426,000 customers.  Please check back here for periodic updates on major projects that are ongoing.

Allegheny County

2017 Bethel Park Infrastructure Modernization Projects

  • Where
    • Large project

      • Milford Street - estimated start of work beginning of March
      • Meadowbrook Street - estimated start of work mid-April
      • Strathmore Lane - estimated start of work early May
      • Graeser Avenue - estimated phase one start mid-March with mid-April finish; phase two start mid-June
      • Fort Couch/Bethel Church Roads - estimated start July
      • Project completion estimated for late September

      Small project

      • Early March -- preparation work by Banks Gas Services began on Marshall and Hillcrest Roads 
      • Early April – Pipeline replacement work began on Bethel Church Rd; estimated completion of main pipeline replacement is late June; work on service line connections will follow
      • Mid-June -- Pipeline replacement on Graeser Rd completed, along with service line connections
      • End of June/early July – Pipeline replacement work estimated to begin on Logan Rd
      • End of June/early July – Pipeline replacement work estimated to begin on Oakhurst Rd 
      • End of July – Pipeline replacement work estimated to be complete on Donati Rd
      • Late Summer/Early Fall -- Pipeline replacement estimated to begin on Marshall and Hillcrest Roads
      • End of October - Estimated completion of all pipeline replacement work and service connections
      • October – completion of final restorations 

      * Please note all project timeline dates and streets are ESTIMATES and subject to change based on weather conditions, ground conditions, or unforeseen issues that could arise during the construction process. 

       - Map
  • When
    • 3/5/2017 - 10/30/2017
    • Monday - Friday, 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. for the large project; Monday - Friday, 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. for the small project
  • What
    • Large pipeline replacement project and regulator station build and upgrade; Small pipeline replacement and service improvement work
  • Details
    • The large project will replace more than 2.6 miles (14,000 feet) of 16 inch steel mainline pipe in the community, build a new regulator station on Bethel Church Road and upgrade an older regulator station on Milford Drive. This modernization project will benefit 40,000 customers in the community and region. While the large project will not directly impact customers’ service, the project will impact highly traveled roads in the municipality. Traffic delays should be anticipated due to temporary road lane closures while work is taking place. 

    • The large project will have mainline pipe replaced on Graeser Avenue, Strathmore Lane, Meadowbrook Drive, Milford Drive, Bethel Church Road and Fort Couch Road.  Older steel pipe will be replaced with new coated steel pipe. Vehicle traffic and road routes will be impacted on these streets by this work.

    • The smaller project benefits 106 Columbia Gas customers on Graeser Avenue, Bethel Church Road, Fort Couch Road, Donati Road, Logan Road, Oakhurst Road, Marshall Road and Hillcrest Road. Customers will benefit with more than $400,000 in customer service line replacements, indoor meter move outs and enhanced pressure and service.  During the project 7,000 feet of 6- or 8-inch mainline pipe will be replaced with new plastic pipe. Work is expected to run from March through final completion in the Fall.