Choice FAQs

Can I keep Columbia Gas as my supplier?

Yes. If you want to keep Columbia Gas of Pennsylvania as your supplier, do nothing. Columbia Gas will automatically remain your supplier of record.

Is there a deadline for signing up?

No. The Choice program has open enrollment. You may elect to sign up at any time.Your new supplier rate may appear on your bill as early as the following month or on the second bill you receive after you sign up. This varies depending on when the supplier submitted your account to Columbia and when your account is billed each month.

I'm a Choice customer now. Can I change suppliers?

Yes, however if the term of your current agreement has not expired, you may want to contact your current supplier regarding its policy on early cancellation before signing a new contract with another supplier.

I still don't understand my options. Where can I get help?

Call us toll-free. Our customer service center is staffed with customer service representatives who can answer your questions about Choice, provide you with the latest list of suppliers and guide you through the process. Call us at 1-888-460-4332.

What is Choice?

The Columbia Gas Choice program is an opportunity for our residential and small commercial customers to buy their natural gas from another supplier who may be able to offer pricing options, along with other products and services, not available from a regulated utility like Columbia. Columbia Gas will still deliver the gas to your home, read your meter, respond to any emergencies and provide the superior service you have come to rely on for over 125 years.

Who will bill me for my gas?

You decide. Do you want a separate bill for the gas or one bill for the gas and the gas delivery? Talk to suppliers to see what they offer. Keep in mind Columbia offers to bill the gas supply for all suppliers. 

Will I be able to switch back to Columbia Gas?

Yes. In addition to providing you with our regular distribution and pipeline services, Columbia Gas will remain as an option for the supply of natural gas to your home. Remember to check with your supplier to find out if you will have to pay any cancellation fees. 

How do I sign up for Choice?

Simply select a qualified supplier and enter into an agreement with them. The supplier will then enroll you in the Choice program and Columbia will make the necessary changes to your account.

If I choose a new gas supplier, who will respond to emergencies?

You're safe with us. The same responsive service you have come to trust from Columbia Gas will continue, no matter who your gas supplier is. We will maintain our 24-hour-a-day service. Call us whenever you need us.

Why offer a Choice?

It's the right thing to do. Columbia Gas believes that homeowners and commercial customers should have the option to buy gas supply from other natural gas suppliers. Then our customers can take advantage of other pricing options and services. That raises the level of satisfaction for everyone.

What is the "Price to Compare?"

The "Price to Compare" is the cost of gas per therm that you pay to Columbia if you purchase the gas from us. Use this price when shopping for other suppliers.

Does Columbia's gas cost stay the same for an entire year?

Our gas supply cost is subject to change on a quarterly basis, in January, April, July and October. We pass on the cost of gas to our customers with no mark-up or profit.