WarmWise Audits & Rebates

WarmWise Audits & Rebates


WarmWise Audits & Rebates

The WarmWise Audits & Rebates Program is available to Columbia Gas income qualified heat customers who may not be eligible for other consumption reduction programs. WarmWise Audits & Rebates offers a free home energy audit, an energy-efficiency plan with estimated cost savings, and, when appropriate, a programmable thermostat and rebates for the installation of audit-recommended measures. Additional energy saving resource information will also be provided. Audits are available on a first-come first-served basis. To learn if you qualify for the program, please call Columbia Gas 1-866-956-0308.

Rebates up to $1,800 for the following measures:

Efficient Heating Equipment
Air Sealing
Gas Water Tank $100 (max)
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Note: Your 15-digit Account Number can be found in the upper right corner of your bill

How to Determine Your Eligibility

To see if you are eligible for the program, determine your household size and find it on the table. If your annual gross income falls BETWEEN the two ranges given, then you are eligible. For example: Mrs. Jones has a household size of 3. Her annual income is $34,000 a year. Because her income is MORE than $31,171 and LESS than $51,950, Mrs. Jones is eligible.

Household Size 151% Income Level At or Below 250% Income Level
1 $18,211 $30,350
2 $24,691 $41,150
3 $31,171 $51,950
4 $37,651 $62,750
5 $44,131 $73,550
6 $50,611 $84,350
7 $57,091 $95,150
8 $63,571 $105,950
For each additional person add: $6,480 $10,800

You may also qualify to participate in the program if your Gross Annual Household Income is less than 150% of the Federal Income Guidelines, provided that you are not eligible for any other Columbia Gas of Pennsylvania low income energy efficiency program.

Switch to Natural Gas

If you are not a natural gas customer and would like to learn more about converting to natural gas to save on your energy bills, visit us at Switch and Save.