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Energy Efficiency Videos

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Natural gas heating systems are the most economical and efficient heating systems for warming your home. A forced-air furnace delivers heated air – 115 to 120 degrees – throughout ducts to your living area, which gives you the warm and toasty feeling associated with gas heating.

Cozier than Electric

Natural gas is cozier than electric. Why? Because it's circulated around your house at a temperature warmer than your body (about 110 to 130 degrees fahrenheit), making you feel warmer. Whereas, the air circulated by electric heat pumps is not as warm, leaving you feeling chilly.


Modern natural gas furnaces achieve operating efficiencies as high as 96 or 97 percent Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiencies (AFUE), providing homeowners 96 cents worth of heat into the living area for each dollar of gas purchased. The minimum efficiency standard for furnaces sold in the U.S. is 78 percent. While older furnaces used chimneys, the high-efficiency units of today extract so much heat from the gas they use that they can be vented through the sidewall of your home using plastic pipe. This venting is similar to the type of venting associated with a clothes dryer.

Pilot lights, which were used in older equipment, have been replaced with spark ignition systems to save energy.

Forced air natural gas furnaces come in several configurations:

  • Up-flow models are typically installed in a basement to heat a one- or two-story dwelling. Warmed air from this unit exits at the top and continues traveling upward and away from the unit.
  • Down-flow models can be installed in the first floor area of a home, mobile home or modular housing unit. The heated air from this furnace exits at the bottom and is pushed under the floor area to be distributed by duct work throughout the home.
  • Horizontal models may be installed in an attic or crawl space. These units pull cool air in one side and exhaust heated air out the other.
  • Watch this informative video to learn more about the benefits of a natural gas furnace.