Our Training

Our Training

We are an industry leader in safety and training in the natural gas industry. Furthering our commitment to be the best, we’re launching a new training center to strengthen the growth and development of both new and seasoned employees through simulation, hands-on training and mock scenarios.

The first of its kind in Pennsylvania and part of a broader set of facilities across NiSource (Columbia Gas of Pennsylvania’s parent company), the 22,000 square foot facility is uniquely designed to provide our employees with the skills they need to install, operate and maintain a safe, reliable natural gas delivery system while delivering on our customer’s expectations.

In 2016, Columbia Gas will invest $210 Million in Pennsylvania, with more than $160 million dedicated to upgrading aging infrastructure across its 26-county service territory. We need the most highly trained and safest employees working on this for our customers.

Inside the facility, instructors guide employees with hands-on training and simulations that replicate real-world conditions in a safe and controlled environment. Training instructors have specific knowledge of Columbia Gas systems, standards and customer service expectations which are integrated into the employees’ training.

In addition to classroom and computer learning, the new, Emergency Response Safety Town is where our employees receive hands-on, scenario-based training. The facility replicates real-world conditions with functioning underground natural gas lines, house meters, and a variety of gas appliances inside the homes.