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Residential Customer

Robyn M.

Columbia Gas of Pennsylvania residential customer Robyn M. shares her amazement of the new training center and the benefits the new facility brings to customers just like her.

Residential Customer

“I’ve acquired lots of hands-on training throughout my career, and I haven’t observed any as in-depth as what Columbia Gas of Pennsylvania provides to its employees at the training center. The facility isvery unique and invests greatly in its workers’ education, which reflects back on improved customer service.

The design and detail of the training center is impressive. Mock communities and pipe yards provide employees a chance to perfect their skills before servicing our homes. It’s even more fascinating considering the workers learn how to properly cooperate with customers when they receive their training.

All of these aspects truly show that Columbia Gas is raising the bar in hands-on training. As a customer, it helps keep me safer, provides me with stronger service and enhances my natural gas experience.

I believe all workers should complete hands-on training like the employees at Columbia Gas receive. This training facility is exciting, especially considering that it’s located right here in our region.”

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