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Project Architect Gary A. and Associate David S.

A great deal of thought, research and best practices were considered when developing the new training approach and design of the new Columbia Gas of Pennsylvania training facility. Project Architect Gary and Associate David from Pittsburgh-based architecture firm worked to design the innovative training facility.

Local Talent Architect Gary A.“Columbia Gas of Pennsylvania conveyed a remarkable demonstration of safety, prioritizing it when we were constructing the training center. It was impressive how Columbia Gas trainers internalized safety at meetings and shared their ideas for design with us.

The training center features many aspects, including a mock village, manhole covers, fire safety school, hands-on labs and pipe yards. All of these different tools allow instructors to teach a wide range of safety and training practices to employees.

Classrooms are efficiently designed, being immediately connected to hands-on labs. This provides students a chance to directly apply what they had just learned. Instructors teach at horseshoe tables that allow students to easily view the lesson and rehearse procedures with learning kits on their desk.

This training center prepares future workers and retools experienced workers, enhancing the quality of service for Columbia’s customers and the community. We designed a building that emphasizes safety and sets a precedent for future training facilities.”