Pipeline Safety

Pipeline Safety

Columbia Gas of Pennsylvania in your neighborhood 

Columbia Gas of Pennsylvania is conducting a program which will continue to protect underground natural gas lines through the use of GPS technology. This investment in safety will also improve our emergency response and maintenance of our facilities. 

Technicians will capture locations of underground infrastructure using advanced equipment, providing enhanced precision not possible using traditional techniques. Measurements will be performed by Columbia Gas and contractor personnel who are trained on the use of the new technology.  

How does this impact our customers?

What – Columbia Gas or contractor technicians will be using light surveying and measuring equipment on individual customer properties.
See pictures of the equipment at the bottom of this page)

This work is very similar to the leakage surveys and line locating that the company regularly performs. It will not require digging or entry into any buildings. Although people may be working on or near your property, there should not be any physical changes.

This work will not result in any interruption to your gas service.

When – The program began May 11, 2015 and is expected to continue for several months.  Crews may need to return for follow-up work at a later date.

Who – Work will be performed by personnel from both Columbia Gas of Pennsylvania and our contractors, Michael Baker and Premier Utility Services.  Please feel free to ask to see their NiSource photo identification.

Where – We will need to walk the main pipeline along your street and the service line on your property.