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Even though Pennsylvania’s most famous groundhog recently predicted an early spring, the Columbia Gas 'Cold Weather Safety Minute' campaign continues to offer customers useful energy efficiency tips they can follow not only during the cold winter months but throughout the year to reduce energy costs and save money.

Upcoming installments of the Cold Weather Minute will provide customers useful tips on:

  • Insulating hot water pipes to reduce heat loss
  • Doing laundry efficiently while conserving energy
  • Making sound choices when buying or replacing appliances

This Wednesday’s simple tips will provide customers with ways to seal air leaks, including:

  • Conducting indoor and outdoor inspections
  • Sealing air leaks
  • Insulating your home

Customers can visit the News Room section of the Columbia Gas of Pennsylvania website each week for the latest Cold Weather Safety Minute, along with past installments, and follow the tips to effectively manage their energy costs and to use their energy more efficiently to stay warm, stay safe and save money.

Columbia Gas is committed to helping customers manage their energy usage to save money on their energy bills, while safely maintaining the comfort of their homes. In addition to the Cold Weather Safety Minute, Columbia Gas offers guidance on home and appliance safety, as well as pipeline and sewer line safety. For more information our focus on safety, please visit our Stay Safe section.

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