Volunteer Blitz

Columbia Gas of Pennsylvania employees are embarking on the utility’s first-ever Volunteer Blitz. The Blitz is coordinated month of volunteerism aimed at making a positive impact where Columbia Gas employees and customers work, live and play. Across the Company’s 26 county service territory, over one hundred Columbia Gas employees will volunteer in nearly a dozen different community projects.

“Throughout June, employees will rehabilitate a home with Habitat for Humanity, volunteer at local food pantries, participate in community clean-up events and provide important facility maintenance at non-profit organizations in our service territory,” said Columbia Gas of Pennsylvania President Mike Huwar. “We thank our local non-profits for allowing us to partner on these important projects, together we will invest and strengthen our communities.”

“As part of the Volunteer Blitz, we are especially excited to announce a large rehabilitation project in coordination with the United Way of Washington County at LeMoyne Community Center City of Washington,” said Columbia Gas of Pennsylvania Communications, Community Engagement and Municipal Relations Director Sarah Barczyk. “The event will take place on Saturday, June 29 and will include much needed safety and cosmetic improvements to the LeMoyne Community Center’s outside playground.”

At Columbia Gas, employee volunteerism is encouraged and supported throughout the entire year, the Volunteer Blitz is a focused effort to highlight the Company’s dedication to community engagement and economic development.

For more information about the Company’s focus on giving back to the community, or to learn more about local Columbia Gas volunteer projects throughout the month of June, feel free to visit or reach out to Columbia Gas of Pennsylvania Community Engagement Manager Sarah Perry (, or 724-884-6731.)

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