Laundry machines

Water heating represents almost 17 percent of home energy use. Use lower temperature settings when washing and reserve hot water use for greasy stains. Always use cold water to rinse; rinse water does not affect cleaning.

Use these tips to do laundry efficiently and conserve energy:

  • Do full loads of laundry rather than partial loads.
  • When drying, separate loads with similar clothing types. Lightweight synthetics dry much faster than bath towels and natural fiber clothing.
  • Clean the dryer lint filter after every load. Air circulation improves and makes drying faster.
  • Check the outside dryer exhaust vent to ensure it is clean and the flapper on the outside hood opens and closes. Clogged filters and vents can be dangerous and can cause the appliance to malfunction.
  • Save energy by removing clothes when still slightly damp. Not only will dryer time be reduced, so will the need for ironing – another energy user.

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