Natural Gas Service

Natural Gas Service

Tap & Save™

Natural gas prices are the lowest and most stable in nearly a decade. Based on recent pricing, Pennsylvania residents using another energy source to heat their homes could save up to 40 percent or more per year when they convert to natural gas heat. It's a great time for homeowners using another energy source to convert to natural gas.

To help make natural gas service more accessible to Pennsylvanians not currently served by natural gas energy, Columbia Gas has introduced its Tap & Save™ new area service program.

Tap & Save™ is a pilot program approved by the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission (PUC) to provide a new option for residential customers who are not currently receiving natural gas service but who want natural gas service. As a result of this approval, many potential customers will have an option to pay for their line extension over a period of 20 years rather than the upfront payment that Columbia Gas has historically been required to charge.

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