Contractors and Plumbers

Contractors and Plumbers

Plumber's Federal Requirements

Since October 28, 2002, individuals who install, replace or repair service lines and meter settings are required to be qualified in accordance with Title 49 Code of Federal Regulations. Department of Transportatation Part 192, Subpart N.

Operator Qualifications is a federally mandated Department of Transportatation's Office of Pipeline Safety.

  • According to Federal Requirements, only workers with these qualifications are permitted to work on these facilities, even though owned by the customer.
  • The gas service cannot be re-established without written documentation of these qualifications from the plumber/contractor.
  • The written documentation is a card indicating the compliance with DOT Operator Qualifications and Drug Alcohol requirements is to be left at the meter set by the plumber/contractor upon repair completion.
  • As with any purchasing decision, consumer awareness including validating references, insurance, licensing, bonding requirements, etc., should be considered before the start of any repair work.

Companies with DOT Operator Qualified Plumbers

For gas line repairs on customer-owned service lines or meter settings, please refer to local yellow pages, chambers of commerce, municipal building/permitting offices, internet web searches, etc. for plumbers/contractors qualified to perform the required work.

In all cases, customers should ask if the people who will perform the necessary repairs have current Department of Transportation Operator Qualifications acceptable to Columbia Gas of Pennsylvania, Inc. Columbia Gas also recommends checking for a picture ID or Department of Transportation wallet card before work begins.