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Columbia Gas of Pennsylvania adds hundreds of Carbon Monoxide detectors to Trick-or-Treat bags in New Castle this Halloween

Thursday, November 01, 2018

Columbia Gas of Pennsylvania, Inc. in partnership with New Castle Fire Department and non-profit, Disability Options Network, Inc., distributed complimentary combination carbon monoxide and smoke detectors to New Castle families in-need. 

Of approximately 1,200 detectors distributed statewide, 320 were available for pick-up at the local New Castle Central Fire Station during the community’s Halloween trick-or-treating. 

“Carbon monoxide is an odorless, tasteless, non-corrosive gas that can be a by-product of the combustion of ordinary fuels,” explained Columbia Gas of Pennsylvania Vice President of External and Customer Affairs Andy Tubbs. “Carbon monoxide can become very poisonous if it is not vented properly and if allowed to accumulate without sufficient oxygen.” 

If families missed the opportunity to pick-up a free detector, Columbia Gas has partnered with First Alert to provide a 20% discount on various carbon monoxide detectors if ordered online at Offer expires 1-31-19.

“You may not expect to pick up a home safety device during your Halloween, trick-or-treating and community festivities, but that’s exactly what we wanted to do for the families throughout New Castle,” said Columbia Gas of Pennsylvania General Manager Mike Davidson. “We need to keep our communities safe and the surest way to know if there is carbon monoxide in your home is with a detector.” 

“Throughout the year we respond to multiple emergency, carbon monoxide calls,” said New Castle Fire Chief Patsy Vince. “Because you cannot see, taste, or smell carbon monoxide it is extremely important for resident’s to have a carbon monoxide detector. Through the donation we are confident many families who could not afford a carbon monoxide detector, now have access to one.”

For more information on Carbon Monoxide safety, including what to do if carbon monoxide is in your home and steps to take if you believe carbon monoxide has accumulated, please visit