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Columbia Gas of Pennsylvania Customers to Benefit from Therm Billing Conversion

Feb 01, 2012

New Process Allows for Billing Based on Energy Consumed

Feb. 1, 2012 

CANONSBURG, PA – Columbia Gas of Pennsylvania, Inc. is improving the way customers are billed to best reflect the true value of natural gas. ‘Therm Billing’ allows for all customers to be billed for the quantity of energy consumed instead of the volume of natural gas consumed.

Therm billing will begin for all Columbia Gas customers on January 31.

This upgrade maintains fair and equitable bills for all customers based upon the energy they consume. Therm billing is based on the heat content of the natural gas, measured in British Thermal Units (Btu). Previously, natural gas billing was based on gas consumed and measured volumetrically in hundred cubic feet (Ccf).

Columbia takes delivery of natural gas from several different sources, including interstate pipelines and local pipelines, before delivering it to homes and businesses. As a naturally occurring product, the amount of energy contained within a given volume of natural gas, or BTUs, may differ according to the source of the supply. This means that some customers may receive more energy than others, even though they may consume the same volume of natural gas.

“Therm billing offers the true value of the product – natural gas – for our customers, as we have started to see some natural gas in our system that burns hotter,” says Columbia Gas of Pennsylvania President Carol Fox. “This conversion allows for a real sense of what consumers are using and ensures customers across our service territory experience the same benefit and value that natural gas provides.”

To most accurately bill customers for the amount of energy consumed, the Btu conversion factor will be updated every month. Columbia has divided its service territory into eight different zones based on the company’s infrastructure. Each customer’s therm billing is not only based on where they live, but the Btu content of the natural gas they utilize. Natural gas consumed in each zone will come from that specific zone.

Columbia Gas has set up a hotline for customers with additional questions. For more information, please call 1-866-724-0039 or visit us online at

Media Contact: Rachel Ford

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