Pipeline Replacement

Pipeline Replacement

Tell Me More About the Company's Projects

The Company's infrastructure-improvement projects involve analyzing its distribution system and replacing service lines and equipment in a systematic manner.

The Company's system consists of main distribution lines, service lines, and facilities that transport natural gas from its source to your home or business. During these projects, aging portions of the distribution system will be replaced with new state-of-the-art equipment. The service lines to your home and gas meters will also be analyzed and replaced, if necessary.

As with any construction project involving excavation of asphalt, concrete and soil, this installation process will involve some temporary inconveniences.

Columbia Gas employees and contractors will work to provide customers with advance notice of service interruptions and possible road closures (gas service will likely be turned off briefly for the purposes of replacing customer service lines). Columbia Gas will also work with local municipalities to coordinate construction schedules with other infrastructure projects, such as the upgrade of sewer lines and the replacement of local roads, to limit additional inconveniences.