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Educational Rate Case Video

At Columbia Gas, we deliver the natural gas you use in so many ways throughout your home. We’re also responsible for maintaining the thousands of miles of pipes through which this gas travels. We do our best to keep the rates you pay for delivery and maintenance as low as possible.

But, like everything, gas pipes deteriorate over time, and eventually need to be replaced or they could become unsafe. Right now, to keep your gas safely flowing, we’re replacing more than 2,400 miles of older pipes in our system…and big improvement projects like this mean an increase in necessary expenses.

For other businesses, when expenses go up, they can quickly raise prices and set them wherever they see fit. We don’t do that. As a public utility, we must prove that an increase is absolutely necessary.

We do this through a formalized process called a “Rate Case,” which is actually a legal proceeding overseen by the Public Utility Commission.

Watch this illustrated video highlighting why we file a Rate Case, how the process works, and the benefits to your community.