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The LIHEAP Crisis program provides a grant to customers who face utility service disruption due to lack of payments or an unsafe utility condition in their home or on their property. These federally funded grants may be applied to accounts where service has been interrupted (for safety) or terminated (for non-payment). Crisis grants may be used to halt a pending service termination, during designated dates with in the heating season, while funds are available. The issue date of the termination notice must fall between those dates. Income eligibility guidelines are the same as those for LIHEAP, as shown below. Columbia Gas representatives have current information on eligibility guidelines and program availability. For more information, call our LIHEAP Hotline at 1-800-272-2714.

Heating Season 2017-2018 Income Guidelines (150 percent of poverty level)

 Household Size
 Maximum Income
 2  $24,360
 3  $30,630
 4  $36,900
 5  $43,170
 7  $55,710
 8  $61,980

For each additional person add $522 per month or $6,270 per year.